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Lot of TWO (2) XPS Laptops
Image taken from the web, not actual devicesDescriptive image only, not actual devices.
Sales price £50.00

Two (2) DELL M 1530 laptops, not working, not complete, for spares or repair only. NO WARRANTY.

These are two genuine DELL M 1530 laptops which have both failed with graphics issues. I bought one new in 2008 and when the graphics card stopped working in 2013, I bought a second from a friend who also bought his new in 2008. I intended to make one good one out of the two failed units. I tried the You-Tube suggested 'Bake the motherboard' suggestion on the first one and it worked for a while but then failed again. I then just put them to one side and forgot about them. I have re-used the hard drives elsewhere and removed and reused the RAM in other laptops, so there is no HDD or RAM in either unit. The screens are OK, not cracked or severly damaged but there is the usual wear and tear. The rest of the units are complete and there is a genuine Windows Vista registration label on the bottom of both units. There are no power supplies. Both units have batteries and there is a replacement in one but I cannot vouch to how good they are. Most likely they are un useable.

Units in box: 2