Rosy came to live with us on the 1st May 2023. She had been picked up as a stray and taken to Battersea Dogs home in Brands Hatch. It appears she had been used for breeding purposes as her teats were long and hanging low. She had no identification chip or collar and had no skills like house training but was friendly, if scared. She had evidence of fighting scars on her face and snout and was very nervous when meeting other dogs and terrified of road traffic. Battersea treated her wounds, neutered her and ensured she was going to a safe forever home with us, the checks were rigorous and quite rightly so but I'm happy to say we passed with flying colours.

Since she came to us, she has relaxed tremendously. Is able to walk by the side of me along busy roads and loves time spent in the park and countryside near where we live. She developed an ear infection due to a build up of wax but that has been treated now and she's the picture of health.

Here are some photos for you to enjoy.

ROSY 01 ROSY 02 ROSY 03 ROSY 04 ROSY 05 

ROSY 06 ROSY 07 ROSY 08 ROSY 09 ROSY 10 


Rosy has progressed well ans despite being a Beagle, has excellent recall when off the lead. She loves going into the undegrowth, and doing what Beagles do, snuffling about, finding nice smells. She is now happy to meet other dogs and people, especially children, she loves being stroked and fed a biscuit of three.

She has a few friends when in the park and loves to play with them, like Barney here: